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The NFL “Controversy,” Free Speech, & Leftist Hypocrisy

The whole NFL – national anthem thing has already been talked to death, and I don’t have a whole lot original to say about it, other than that as of now, I’m not watching NFL football .  Not that I think it will make a tremendous amount of difference, but, like plenty of others, I’m just in no mood to see sports (which used to be a diversion from all the political crap) turned into yet another opportunity for a leftist display of anti-patriotism, nor do I wish to be lectured on “social justice” by a bunch of overpaid, spoiled brat jocks.  It’s as annoying as overpaid, spoiled brat celebrities and politicians like Leo DiCaprio and Algore jet-setting around the globe, lecturing us Little People on how we need to reduce our carbon footprint.

But the Reverend Jesse Jackson has lately proclaimed the odious Colin Kappernick, who started this whole mess, a “martyr.”  Really?  Last I checked, he was still alive and well, even if not playing.  (Methinks the Good Reverend should shut his mouth, lest he start giving Pope Francis ideas.)  And some prominent black preachers in Dallas have loudly declared Jerry Jones a “slave owner,” and his ‘Boys “40 million dollar slaves”   forced to do “gladiatorial combat” but not to speak out by disrespecting our flag.  To state the stupidly obvious (which apparently progressives are too stupid to see):

  1. A) real slaves (I’m talking the real, pick cotton from dawn-to-dusk to the tune of the whip slaves, not 21st century snowflake wannabes) would never dream of 40 million dollar salaries nor any of the luxuries it could buy, and . . .
  2. B) At least to my knowledge, nobody put any of these guys in chains and forced them to play ball against their will. Nor has anybody prevented them from choosing instead to pursue careers as truck drivers, accountants, rocket scientists, janitors, or whatever.

While the facts simply don’t support the notion that there exists in 21st century America any systemic epidemic of white cops gunning down innocent black citizens, these jocks are free to express on their own time whatever opinions or protest whatever they want, no matter how asinine or ill-informed.  That has nothing to do with respectfully standing for the National Anthem before game time.  Most of us do not have the luxury of avoiding our job duties to engage in political grandstanding without losing our jobs.

And spare me the screaming and crying over President Trump’s remarks.  If he’d threatened to send in the National Guard or force players to stand by executive order, I’d be the first to stand with the NFL (or anyone) against him, as this would be a violation of the constitutional limits of presidential power.   I even read an article by a “conservative” never-Trumper which absurdly condemned the President for turning the American flag into “a White Nationalist symbol.”  I must of missed that one; seems to me it was protesting players who were making Old Glory into a symbol of racism, or police brutality, or whatever the hell they’re supposedly protesting.

Which brings me to a point I’ve yet to hear anybody make.  I haven’t heard a peep from the progressive Social Justice Warriors regarding increasing number of cases of people being fired from their jobs for expressing opinions off the job in personal blogs or social media that are deemed too un-pc (especially in regards to “social issues” such as “gay marriage” and abortion).  In one of the most recent examples, a Southwest Airlines stewardess was fired for expressing “highly offensive” pro-life views in social media.   As others have pointed out, this is a growing danger for committed Christians.  Even without the state violating first amendment free speech rights by censorship, they can still lose their jobs merely for expressing un-pc moral beliefs.  (It could certainly be argued that such things constitute unlawful employment discrimination on the basis of religious faith.)

But, you know,; unrestricted freedom of expression anytime, anywhere – just so long as you keep it pc.

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Big Sports vs. Religious Liberty

Every day it seems, we descend further into madness.  And I’m not even referring at the moment to the presidential race.  Last week, Republican Georgia governor Nathan Deal, in typical spineless Republican manner, folded under pressure from big corporations including Disney and Apple, and vetoed a bill that would ensure religious liberty as guaranteed by the first amendment by, among other things, ensuring that ministers would not be forced to officiate “gay marriages” against their will.  In North Carolina, there is a lawsuit against another bill that would protect private business owners against such things as being forced to cater “gay weddings” or allow gender-confused dudes to use the ladies’ room.   The NBA has declared that unless that bill is vetoed, the All-star Game will not be played in Charlotte.

I don’t get ESPN, but it is on regularly at the break room at my place of work, and the channel seems to every day be less and less about sports, and more and more about pushing left-wing political propaganda.  It has heavily covered  the above-mentioned brouhaha concerning the NBA’s proposed boycott of North Carolina, siding with the NBA as if they were making a stand of great heroism and courage, as well as running sob stories about the alleged horrible plight of “transsexual” athletes in schools around the country – such as the epic struggles of strapping young “biologically male” jocks fighting for the “right” to play on the girls team and use the girls’ locker room.  (Sign me up, dude!)

I’m really not sure why the issue of “transgender” bathrooms and such is of such pressing importance to the NBA.  Are there really that many pro basketball players demanding to use the ladies’ locker rooms?

At the same time, ESPN is also heavily covering the epic struggle of heroic litigators against the Big, Bad Corporate NFL regarding the concussion issue.  (And in case you miss the larger political context, the commentators explain that in denying the danger of concussions from playing pro football, the NFL is exactly the same as the evil “climate-change deniers.”)  However, with regard to LGB-alphabet-soup issues, we’re supposed to root for the Big Heroic Corporate NBA against some tiny Christian-owned bakeries and such.  Now, Goliath’s the good guy, and David the villain.

The left (including ESPN) is always screaming about the power of Big Evil Corporations, and their undue influence on government.  However when the Big Corporations are pressuring and influencing government for socially “progressive” causes, this influence is applauded and celebrated.  And increasingly, large corporations push leftist social causes, helping win the favor of leftist politicians in our crony-capitalist system.


The enforcement of politically-correct social causes such as those mentioned by law on the national level is likely to happen if Hillary wins the presidency, and the packing of federal courts—and the Supreme Court—with leftist activists continues.  Basic freedom of religious practice will become a thing of the past.  (Though such judicial activism may prove unnecessary if Republican governors continue to act so spinelessly.)

One more reason Republicans and conservatives need to get their heads out of their arses and rally behind Ted Cruz before it’s too late.  And that loser Kasich should have gotten out of the race long ago.  He’s only helping Trump—and Hillary.

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Youth Football and the Fall of America And Other Gridiron Musings

Seems nowadays you can’t even watch a damn football game without enduring insipid pc media indoctrination.  While watching my beloved yet ever-disappointing Washington Redskins suffer a drubbing at the hands of the Dallas Cowgirls, I was subjected to the even more pathetic spectacle of NBC’s Bob Costas’s half-time sermon against that most pressing evil of our time, the Skins’ name, and  how it urgently needs to be changed.

Costas acknowledged that the name of the Redskins team is not used with the intent to offend anybody, and the vast majority of persons do not take any offense at it, including the vast majority of American Indians/Native Americans/Turtle Islanders.

But even though the term Redskins isn’t offensive today, the sage professor Costas lectured, at some unspecified time in the distant murky past, it was deeply offensive and hurtful to Persons of Redness, and therefore must be banned and censored in our modern Sensitive, Enlightened times.

Except that in reality, there is no evidence that the word was historically regarded as offensive, being used by the natives themselves to distinguish them from the pale-faces.  The team was actually named to honor the original coach, the legendary William Dietz, of Sioux heritage.

Besides, there is the obvious fact that you don’t name a sports team after a group of people to insult or degrade them.  Teams are named after men admired for their courage, strength, toughness, etc.:  cowboys, Vikings, buccaneers, patriots . . .cheesepackers.   I’m not aware of any football teams called the Sissies, the Pansies, or the Retards (no offense, of course, to the pansies and the retards).

Sports teams were commonly named after Indians (or “Native Americans” if you prefer) because those men were in fact serious badasses, feared and respected for their courage and ferocity in battle.  This modern pc bs about Native Americans being a bunch of non-violent tree-hugging sensitive new-age sissies is just that, bullshit.  What’s even more sad is that apparently a small minority of American natives have become so brainwashed by lefty pc agitprop that they actually want to be known as a bunch of overly-sensitive  crybabies, rather than as the noble warriors of olden fame.

Hell, even today’s pc sissy-socialist Scandinavians don’t get their panties in a wad over their whole battle-axe swingin’ berserker Viking heritage.

I’m reminded of a visit a few years back with my wife to a Dallas historical museum in which the brave guarding the teepee subjected us to an extremely long-winded neo-Marxist eco-feminist lecture.  I began to wish the s.o.b. would be merciful, and just scalp us.  (Hey, I kid, I kid.  Y’all can put down those tomahawks.)

But, to get back on topic, the liberal powers-that-be are now demanding that over 80 years of proud tradition be ditched because a tiny minority of persons have now chosen to be offended by a certain team name.  Now, it seems, whenever some little special interest group declares themselves offended, everyone has to bend over backwards to sooth their precious little feelings.  Unless, of course, it is Catholics or Christians that are the offended party, in which case we’re simply told to quit whining and get over it.

Speaking of crybabies, I’ve actually heard leftists tell me with a straight face that pro sports are in fact “modern day slavery” in which black men are made to engage in brutal sport for white amusement.  Funny that these “slaves” are being paid multi-million dollar salaries.  And I’ve yet to hear of anyone being taken away in chains and forced  to play ball.  (And are white pro athletes also slaves, or only those of color?)  But, for the leftist, it seems absolutely everything is “slavery” or racism in need of government correction.  Interestingly, most of those bleedin’ hearts seem to be remarkably unconcerned about the very real slavery going on in parts of the world ruled by the Religion of Peace.

Turning from the NFL to the little leagues, the California youth football league has declared this season if any team beat another by more than 35 points, it would face a $200.00 fine, and the head coach would be suspended for a week.  Supposedly, this draconian policy was to teach “mercy” and “sportsmanship.”

Yeah, I know, it’s only a youth ball league, and in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, where if little Susie objects to Johnny (who’s declared himself a “she”) using the girl’s locker room, she can be punished for “bullying.”  As the guy on the radio here said, “Of course, this would never ever fly in Texas.”  Not now, maybe, but as goes California, so goes the nation, and Left-Coast-style political-correctness has been gradually but surely spreading across the country.

That “mercy rule,” of course, does absolutely nothing to encourage actual sportsmanship, but rather punishes honest success and forces payment to enforce “equality” and compensate for hurt feelings.  What better way to prepare the kids for citizenship in Obama’s socialist Ameritopia?

For whatever its other problems, sports remain one of the last mainstream American institutions based on pure meritocracy (play well, you win, play badly you lose, and if you play really badly you’re cut from the team), untainted by political correctness and false notions of “equality” and “fairness.”  Once sports are infected with pc pansiedom, there is indeed no hope.  The game is lost.

Gipper quote of the day:  “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”


Btw, Happy Columbus Day!  Here’s to America, Christianity, Western Civilization, capitalism, and all that other stuff lefties love to hate!

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