Greg is an unevolved, hairy, knuckle-dragging troglodyte without a single progressive or enlightened thought in his thick, primitive skull.  He currently resides in a dark cave in the DFW metroplex with his beautiful, curvy cavewoman wife and baby daughter (who was conceived the primitive old-fashioned way).   He occasionally ventures out into the light to walk among more evolved hominids.

Greg is an alumnus of Christendom College in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, where he spent four years steeped in right-wing propaganda, studying the totally irrelevant words and deeds of various Dead White Males, and thus remains in blissful ignorance of Queer Studies, Vaginal Theory, and the other finer points of modern higher education.  He is completing an MBA at the University of Dallas, where he is studying how to be a Greedy Capitalist Pig.

Greg is a member of an FSSP parish, in which he partakes of the Sacraments with other unenlightened pre-Vatican II trog-trad evolutionary throwbacks and dangerous religious fanatics.  He enjoys scorching the flesh of murdered animals over open flame while throwing back beers (none of that “Lite” crap).

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