Guns, Jihad, & Leftist Hypocrisy

Well, there was horror this Halloween as an Uzbekistan national and practitioner of the Religion of Peace deliberately ran down random people on a Manhattan bike trail in a Home Depot rental truck before slamming into a school bus and crying “Allahu Akbar!”

In perhaps the year’s most blatant example of hypocrisy (in a year rich with blatant hypocrisy), members of the Left were horrified at President Trump’s “politicizing” the murderous mayhem by daring to link it to radical Islam and push for measures restricting immigration from hotbeds of radical Islam activity.  This, right after “liberals” wasted no time in politicizing the Vegas massacre, screaming for more federal gun-grabbing and attacking the NRA and Republicans.  Of course, they’re probably too stupid to even see the dripping irony.  But it’s past time President Trump learned the simple rules; politicizing murder and death is appropriate so long as it promotes the left-wing political agenda (i.e. government gun-grabbing), and horribly wrong if it opposes it (i.e. opposing unfettered immigration).   [Update:  And, predictably enough, following the slaughter of 26 parishioners at the church in Southerland Springs, Texas–and his being chased down and stopped by a former NRA instructor with an AR-15–the Left wasted no time politicizing the murder.]

And to suggest otherwise with many Catholics now is tantamount to heresy – after all, the “Religion of Peace” is particularly beloved of NewChurch, and open borders immigration policy has become its chief “article of faith.”  In fact, according to our progressive clerics and their apologists on teh interwebz, it’s also  a “life issue,” right up there with global warming and gun-grabbing – which may trump moral issues such as abortion and euthanasia if one’s leftist-indoctrinated “conscience” so “informs” us.    (Never mind that new laws would have done nothing to stop any of the recent killings, by guns or trucks, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of shrill ideological pieties.)

But, of course, the Right needs to stop politicizing such things by attacking scapegoats such as “radical Islam,” which is no more guilty than Christianity in this regard (our own Pope has said as much – what are you, a heretic?), and focus on the real issues.  We need laws requiring much more extensive background checks on those renting trucks and other equipment from Home Depot and similar businesses!   And more importantly, the government needs to take swift punitive action against the cold and greedy Death Merchants at Home Depot who rented out this evil killing machine (did you know they also rent and sell chainsaws and other gruesome murder weapons?)  or better yet, ban trucks altogether, unless they are in the employment of government.  And Socialism.  The Cure for All Ills.

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