Cruz Control

It’s been fun watching the stir following Ted Cruz’s announcement last week of his presidential bid.  For this Neanderthal knuckle-dragger,at least, it’s refreshing to see an actual principled, consistent constitutional conservative in a presidential race, after a 25+ year drought.  Win or lose, we’ll at least have actual conservatism on the table.

I think Cruz deserves conservative support, if for no other reason than to watch all the hilariously incoherent and hysterical howling, gibbering, and foaming at the mouth from so many on both the Left and the GOP Establishment.  That means Senator Cruz must at least be doing something right.

Most of the “criticism” (that word’s a charitable stretch) is mind-boggling in its shear vacuous lack of anything approaching substance.  It ranges all the way from childish name-calling (such as Donny Deustch calling him “slimy” and “scary” – Yeah?  So’s your mom!) to “friendly” criticism from establishment “conservatives” like National Review’s Charles Cooke complaining that he sounds like a “vacuum cleaner salesman.”

Apparently, for the inside-the-beltway crowd, politicians should stick to selling the same old tax-and-spend.

(Oh yeah, and the libs are also having hissy fits calling Cruz a global warming “denier” and a “creationist.”  Throw the Deviationist in the gulag!  For the left, whether you uphold the Constitution is irrelevant to running for high office, just so long as you toe the Party Line on “Science.”)

And it’s ironic that the lefty idols Barry and Hillary wallow in way over their eyeballs in every kind of slime and scandal, but Ted Cruz is the “slimy” one.   (Sorry, I forgot for a second that petty rules of morality and the law are utterly irrelevant regarding political messiahs,who have a nation to Fundamentally Transform.)

Of course, the brood of vipers in Washington and their media toadies are riled up because Cruz won’t play by their rules, and none of them give a damn about principle, just so long as a Clinton or a Bush is at the helm.

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