Comrade Sean: Dumber Words Never Penned

Also, in liberal celebrity idiot news (yeah, I know the phrase “liberal celebrity idiot” is redundant, but I thought it had a certain ring), as we all know now (as the political opinions of actors and other entertainers are extremely important, and must be dutifully reported by the press), Sean Penn shared his vast political wisdom with fellow leftist idiot Piers Morgan, stating that Ted Cruz and other Tea Party conservatives should be committed to a mental institution “by executive order.”

When Morgan questioned him, Sean said, “He is my American brother. I won’t — I think we should take care of him, he is in, he’s the trouble.”  Wow, that’s awful big of him.

I must say, I find the quaint nostalgic longing on the part of the Hollywood Left for discredited brutally authoritarian totalitarian regimes kind of cute.  After all, in the old Stalinist Soviet Union, labeling political dissidents mentally ill, and having them forcibly sent to “mental institutions” for “rehabilitation” was routine practice.  As I presume it still is in North Korea and other lingering Marxist hell-holes.

But, of course, fondness for totalitarian tyranny is a long-standing tradition among pampered Hollywood “liberals.” (Has there ever been a more ironically misnamed political faction?) I’m sure old Ho Chi Minh ho Hanoi Jane is beaming proudly.

Of course, such asinine remarks make many of us feel that Mr. Penn and his ilk should be sent to the funny farm, or better yet, shipped to some enlightened Worker’s Paradise like the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea, where dissent from Dear Leader and talk of such insanely horrific ideas as constitutional limitations on government is dealt with promptly, rather than allowed like in awful backwards Amerikkka.  (Damn you, First Amendment!)

I know, I need to relax.  I’m sure good ol’ Sean’s just kidding around.

If some well-known “right-wing” figure were to make a light-hearted crack about, say, throwing homosexuals in concentration camps, those jolly souls on the Left would just laugh it all off in good humor.



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