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Comrade Sean: Dumber Words Never Penned

Also, in liberal celebrity idiot news (yeah, I know the phrase “liberal celebrity idiot” is redundant, but I thought it had a certain ring), as we all know now (as the political opinions of actors and other entertainers are extremely important, and must be dutifully reported by the press), Sean Penn shared his vast political wisdom with fellow leftist idiot Piers Morgan, stating that Ted Cruz and other Tea Party conservatives should be committed to a mental institution “by executive order.”

When Morgan questioned him, Sean said, “He is my American brother. I won’t — I think we should take care of him, he is in, he’s the trouble.”  Wow, that’s awful big of him.

I must say, I find the quaint nostalgic longing on the part of the Hollywood Left for discredited brutally authoritarian totalitarian regimes kind of cute.  After all, in the old Stalinist Soviet Union, labeling political dissidents mentally ill, and having them forcibly sent to “mental institutions” for “rehabilitation” was routine practice.  As I presume it still is in North Korea and other lingering Marxist hell-holes.

But, of course, fondness for totalitarian tyranny is a long-standing tradition among pampered Hollywood “liberals.” (Has there ever been a more ironically misnamed political faction?) I’m sure old Ho Chi Minh ho Hanoi Jane is beaming proudly.

Of course, such asinine remarks make many of us feel that Mr. Penn and his ilk should be sent to the funny farm, or better yet, shipped to some enlightened Worker’s Paradise like the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea, where dissent from Dear Leader and talk of such insanely horrific ideas as constitutional limitations on government is dealt with promptly, rather than allowed like in awful backwards Amerikkka.  (Damn you, First Amendment!)

I know, I need to relax.  I’m sure good ol’ Sean’s just kidding around.

If some well-known “right-wing” figure were to make a light-hearted crack about, say, throwing homosexuals in concentration camps, those jolly souls on the Left would just laugh it all off in good humor.


The Great Religious Right Schism & Other Fantasies

You gotta hand it to the folks in the “mainstream” liberal press.  Their consistent ability to cram enormous amounts of nonsense, distortions, and falsehoods into brief articles – especially with regards to religion, especially with regards to the Catholic Church – is nothing short of amazing.

This piece I stumbled across last week from some guy named Peter Weber is pretty typical.  It’s titled, “Why Pope Francis Won’t Cause a Schism in the U.S. Religious Right,” and the gist of it was that the current Pope’s allegedly liberal “pro-choice,” “pro-gay” positions had failed to create a rift between faithful Catholics and conservative Evangelical Protestants on hot-button “culture war” issues such as abortion and “gay marriage.”  Shocking.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I detected a hint of disappointment in the piece’s title.  Maybe even a tear or two.  You see, it seems those darned orthodox “conservative” Catholics will just stubbornly cling to their unenlightened positions against abortion and “gay marriage” regardless of what the Pope says.

After quoting some rather ignorant statements of alarm at the Pope from some conservative Evangelicals, Weber quotes some typical delirium from lefty gay-activist “journalist” Andrew Sullivan, who crows, “The Catholic hierarchy has been knocked sideways by the emergence of Pope Francis and his eschewal of their fixation on homosexuality, contraception, and abortion. That fixation — essentially a Christianist and de facto Republican alliance among Protestants and Catholic leaders — has now been rendered a far lower priority than, say, preaching the Gospel or serving the poor and the sick. Francis has also endorsed secularism as the proper modern context for religious faith.”

(Ooh!  There’s that scary, scary word, “Christianist”!  If you’re pro-life, or don’t want “gay marriage,” you’re some blood-crazed fanatic eager to lop the head off of Infidels.)

And never mind, of course, that not a word of Sullivan’s gushing is actually true, but more on that later.

Weber disagrees with Sullivan’s liberal triumphalism, concluding:

“The long papacy of happy culture warrior John Paul II didn’t turn Ted Kennedy or John Kerry or Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi — Catholics all — into anti-abortion activists. And Pope Francis’ shift away from cultural politics won’t convert John Boehner or make any of the conservative Catholics on the Supreme Court — Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas — less eager to overturn Roe v. Wade.”

True (excepting, I’d argue, the eagerness of Roberts & co. to overturn Roe v. Wade).

But Weber (like most of his media brethren) remains completely clueless.

Both Weber and Sullivan, like most in liberal press, are unable to see Catholic moral teaching in any context other than American “liberals vs. conservatives” politics.

They apparently labor under the delusion that opposition to abortion and homosexual activity is a recent invention of the Republican Party, rather than what the Christian Faith has always taught for 2000 years, as found in the epistles of St. Paul and in the Didache.  (And, unlike the GOP “leadership,” the Church is actually serious about what it says.)

Besides the fact that personal papal interviews contain zero magisterial authority, and, as I noted previously here, Pope Francis did not change or do away with any of the Church’s moral teachings, which remain clearly stated in the Catechism.  (Excellent article in Catholic Culture by Phil Lawler here.)

The notion that Pope Francis reversed the Church’s teachings on abortion, etc., and that pro-life Catholics are now just as much in dissent from Church teaching as Pelosi, Kerry & co. were back in the pre-Francis days, is a heaping load of absolute and total excrement.  Sorry, if you ain’t pro-life, you still ain’t Catholic!

Those who think the current Holy Father is “pro-choice,” “hates dogma,” or wants the Church to just shut up about abortion and other moral issues, need to read his recent address to Catholic physicians, where he spoke of the importance of the right to life of all persons from conception, proclaiming:

Every child who, rather than being born, is condemned unjustly to being aborted, bears the face of Jesus Christ, bears the face of the Lord . . .  And every elderly person, even if he is ill or at the end of his days, bears the face of Christ. They cannot be discarded, as the “culture of waste” suggests! They cannot be thrown away!

Hardly the words of a Pelosi-esque “pro-choicer,” or of one who thinks the Church needs to “get over its fixation” on abortion.  Of course, those words of Pope Francis got almost no “mainstream” media attention.

Much as lefties may eagerly anticipate it, a socially-liberal Catholic Church leading the faithful to the light of acceptance of abortion and sexual immorality remains a deluded fantasy.  As it always will be.

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Apocalypse Averted!

Well, as we all know, last week the Apocalypse was averted, and we were all saved by the heroic efforts of our Dear Leader, with the cooperation of the Republican Senate “leadership,” who basically handed him everything he wanted.  (I use the word “leadership” with full irony to describe Boehner, McCain, & company, as they do little but capitulate to Obama and the Dems, while denouncing any among the Republican minions – such as Senator Ted Cruz- who dare actually oppose Obama and the continuing unlimited expansion of federal government power.)

(Way back in the 1780s, having fought against a tyrannical monarchy, our founding fathers [you know, those irrelevant Dead White Guys] set up Congress as representatives of the People, having the power of the purse, rather than the President.  Today, it seems they’re supposed to be mere courtiers in the court of an imperial president, rubber-stamping his every whim.)

With this noble bipartisan effort, the Jackasses and Elephants together saved us all from our fair country’s greatest crisis since the Civil War by putting aside their petty differences and agreeing to continue spending like teenagers in the mall with daddy’s credit card.  They, and the adoring mainstream press, proceeded to slap each other on the back for their “leadership” and “maturity” (you, know, they’re “the adults in the room.”)   Apparently, endless, unlimited, and ever-increasing borrowing and spending of money which can never be paid back ($17 trill and counting, not to mention many trillions more in entitlements) is the mark of maturity and adulthood, while any calls for fiscal responsibility are routinely attacked and dismissed by our “leadership” and the media as immature and childish, if not a sign of mental illness.  Call for any substantial restraint in federal spending, and you’re a naughty child throwing a tantrum, or, worse yet, an unhinged extremist Tea-Party crazy (and undoubtedly racist to boot).

The establishment Republicans, who had vowed to fight Obamacare during election year, have no more serious intent of curtailing unlimited government power than Barrack Obama had of ending the government’s powers over the citizenry gained in wartime by George W. Bush.  Washington politicians of both parties are stinking drunk with power, and never met an increase in federal power they didn’t like.  (Establishment Republicans just think they know how to do Big Guv better than the Dems.)

I’ll finish with this appropriate quote on the debt limit debate:

 The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

Obviously, some wild-eyed crazy anarchist tea-bagger right-wingnut, obstinately hell-bent on obstructing Obama’s every move, right?

Well, not exactly.

That was Senator Barrack Obama, back in 2006.

Meanwhile, no one wants to apply for Obamacare, and their website’s a dud.  Here’s to mature, bipartisan leadership, which forced this mess on us.

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Youth Football and the Fall of America And Other Gridiron Musings

Seems nowadays you can’t even watch a damn football game without enduring insipid pc media indoctrination.  While watching my beloved yet ever-disappointing Washington Redskins suffer a drubbing at the hands of the Dallas Cowgirls, I was subjected to the even more pathetic spectacle of NBC’s Bob Costas’s half-time sermon against that most pressing evil of our time, the Skins’ name, and  how it urgently needs to be changed.

Costas acknowledged that the name of the Redskins team is not used with the intent to offend anybody, and the vast majority of persons do not take any offense at it, including the vast majority of American Indians/Native Americans/Turtle Islanders.

But even though the term Redskins isn’t offensive today, the sage professor Costas lectured, at some unspecified time in the distant murky past, it was deeply offensive and hurtful to Persons of Redness, and therefore must be banned and censored in our modern Sensitive, Enlightened times.

Except that in reality, there is no evidence that the word was historically regarded as offensive, being used by the natives themselves to distinguish them from the pale-faces.  The team was actually named to honor the original coach, the legendary William Dietz, of Sioux heritage.

Besides, there is the obvious fact that you don’t name a sports team after a group of people to insult or degrade them.  Teams are named after men admired for their courage, strength, toughness, etc.:  cowboys, Vikings, buccaneers, patriots . . .cheesepackers.   I’m not aware of any football teams called the Sissies, the Pansies, or the Retards (no offense, of course, to the pansies and the retards).

Sports teams were commonly named after Indians (or “Native Americans” if you prefer) because those men were in fact serious badasses, feared and respected for their courage and ferocity in battle.  This modern pc bs about Native Americans being a bunch of non-violent tree-hugging sensitive new-age sissies is just that, bullshit.  What’s even more sad is that apparently a small minority of American natives have become so brainwashed by lefty pc agitprop that they actually want to be known as a bunch of overly-sensitive  crybabies, rather than as the noble warriors of olden fame.

Hell, even today’s pc sissy-socialist Scandinavians don’t get their panties in a wad over their whole battle-axe swingin’ berserker Viking heritage.

I’m reminded of a visit a few years back with my wife to a Dallas historical museum in which the brave guarding the teepee subjected us to an extremely long-winded neo-Marxist eco-feminist lecture.  I began to wish the s.o.b. would be merciful, and just scalp us.  (Hey, I kid, I kid.  Y’all can put down those tomahawks.)

But, to get back on topic, the liberal powers-that-be are now demanding that over 80 years of proud tradition be ditched because a tiny minority of persons have now chosen to be offended by a certain team name.  Now, it seems, whenever some little special interest group declares themselves offended, everyone has to bend over backwards to sooth their precious little feelings.  Unless, of course, it is Catholics or Christians that are the offended party, in which case we’re simply told to quit whining and get over it.

Speaking of crybabies, I’ve actually heard leftists tell me with a straight face that pro sports are in fact “modern day slavery” in which black men are made to engage in brutal sport for white amusement.  Funny that these “slaves” are being paid multi-million dollar salaries.  And I’ve yet to hear of anyone being taken away in chains and forced  to play ball.  (And are white pro athletes also slaves, or only those of color?)  But, for the leftist, it seems absolutely everything is “slavery” or racism in need of government correction.  Interestingly, most of those bleedin’ hearts seem to be remarkably unconcerned about the very real slavery going on in parts of the world ruled by the Religion of Peace.

Turning from the NFL to the little leagues, the California youth football league has declared this season if any team beat another by more than 35 points, it would face a $200.00 fine, and the head coach would be suspended for a week.  Supposedly, this draconian policy was to teach “mercy” and “sportsmanship.”

Yeah, I know, it’s only a youth ball league, and in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, where if little Susie objects to Johnny (who’s declared himself a “she”) using the girl’s locker room, she can be punished for “bullying.”  As the guy on the radio here said, “Of course, this would never ever fly in Texas.”  Not now, maybe, but as goes California, so goes the nation, and Left-Coast-style political-correctness has been gradually but surely spreading across the country.

That “mercy rule,” of course, does absolutely nothing to encourage actual sportsmanship, but rather punishes honest success and forces payment to enforce “equality” and compensate for hurt feelings.  What better way to prepare the kids for citizenship in Obama’s socialist Ameritopia?

For whatever its other problems, sports remain one of the last mainstream American institutions based on pure meritocracy (play well, you win, play badly you lose, and if you play really badly you’re cut from the team), untainted by political correctness and false notions of “equality” and “fairness.”  Once sports are infected with pc pansiedom, there is indeed no hope.  The game is lost.

Gipper quote of the day:  “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”


Btw, Happy Columbus Day!  Here’s to America, Christianity, Western Civilization, capitalism, and all that other stuff lefties love to hate!

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Dispatch from the Zombie Apocalypse

Well, we’ve somehow managed to survive an entire full week of Apocalypse brought about by the wanton disobedience of some in our fair nation to the Will of Dear Leader.  You know, what the wise men in the media and the Dem Party solemnly assured us would be the greatest catastrophe in the history of our country since the Civil War – or perhaps ever.   Millions of corpses strewn across battlefields throughout the country as brother wars against brother,  the Four Horsemen unleashed, plague and famine across the land, rivers turned to blood, demon resurrections, Deadites stalking the earth to feast upon the living – or, okay, anyhow, you get the idea.

Yet somehow, amid the rubble and carnage, teh interwebz miraculously continue to function, allowing me to spread this message to the masses.

All media hype to the contrary, the government “shutdown” is hardly some unprecedented new horror in America.  Prior to the current shutdown, the government had “shutdown” a full seventeen times since 1976, including eight times under Reagan, and twice (including a 21-day shutdown) under Clinton.  (“Shutdown” is somewhat misleading, as the majority of government continues to function fully during this period.)

Yet somehow, those occurrences failed to unleash Armageddon, or even a new War Between the States, nor did they even put a dent in the prosperity of the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Okay, you protest, maybe it’s not the end of the world, but there’s still plenty of unnecessary suffering and inconvenience.  Lots of unnecessary government workers will have to wait on their paychecks, and look at all those poor old WWII vets shut out of their own memorial!

And it’s all the fault of those crazed, radical, wild-eyed Republican right-wingnuts who are acting like little children throwing a tantrum if they don’t get their way, stubbornly refusing any concession to the perfectly wise and reasonable demands of Obama.

Except that in actual reality, the Republicans in Congress have made just about every concession to Dear Leader’s demands, including full funding of Obamacare, showing all the backbone and defiant resolve of a bowl of tapioca pudding, and are now merely demanding delays in the implementation of Obamacare.

(With few notable exceptions, Republicans in the House and Senate have shown near zero willingness to fight against a law which blatantly defies the Constitution of our land – yes, despite how the SCOTUS and that traitorous little weasel Roberts ruled – and is unpopular with most of the American people.

It’s time for the Republican Party to find a new symbol.  The mighty elephant is one of the most magnificent creatures to walk God’s earth.  They should stop disgracing that noble beast, and replace it with something appropriately spineless, brainless and squishy – like a worm or a slug, willing to be trampled by a jackass.  Frankly, if the GOP can’t find the balls to stand for anything, it deserves to go the way of the dodo – or the wooly mammoth, to use a pachyderm example.  The Party may be old, but there’s not a damn thing grand about it these days.)

It’s King Obama (wait, I believe we still officially use the title “President”) who’s playing my-way-or-the-highway, refusing to make even the tiniest concessions to the opposition.   (This is the Prez who ran back in ’09 promising to “reach across the aisle” and unite the country.)  Now he “will not negotiate with those people.” (You see, he’s only willing to negotiate with reasonable folks, like brutal Islamist dictators.)

This is contrary to every previous president, who actually negotiated and made concessions to end shutdowns.  He is also the first to demand the closure of the WWII memorial, which is privately funded, and has remained open under every previous government “shutdown.”  It’s another shamelessly cynical exercise of Dear Leader’s “maximize the pain” principle to bend people to his will.

Obama wishes to rule as a complete despot in blatant disregard to any and all constitutional restraints on power.  Those cowardly Republican “leaders” afraid to stand up to him are worse than worthless, and all the mindless media zombies who voted for Dear Leader and support his every despotic seizure of power – yeah, I’m talking about you – are a cancerous rot on the face of our dying Republic.

(So many on the left who spent the Bush II years screaming about how Bush was Hitler and “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” now support every despotic increase in federal power, and will tolerate no dissent from their Dear Leader.)

Frankly, our out-of-control federal government should stay shut down, and those with unnecessary government jobs should look for work in the private sector, rather than off the public dole.  (So much of our Leviathan State is in fact unnecessary.)

Our current soft tyranny did not come about by force of arms, but because We the People have allowed it, becoming unthinking zombies rather than a vigilant free citizenry preferring freedom to easy dependency.

Have a nice day.

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Papal Bull, Part III: The Spirit of Vatican II Arises from the Grave

Hey you cool cats and kittens, haven’t you heard the news?  The times they are a-changin’ in the Church.   The Eternal Bride of Christ and Bark of Saint Peter is finally casting off its irrelevant dusty, musty 2000-year-old moral teachings on things like the grave sinfulness of abortion, contraception, and homosexual activity, at last seeing the light proclaimed by the wise luminaries in Hollywood and the secular media.

Everybody’s now free to commit sodomy and slice and dice babies all they like without fear of hellfire and loss of Eternal Salvation.

The Catholic Church now realizes it must get over its ancient sexual hang-ups and get with the current liberal zeitgeist, or else be swept into the dustbin of history.

Freed from its archaic obsessions with sex and the sanctity of human life, the Church is at last free to focus exclusively on the issues that really matter, like gun control and global warming.

Hey, don’t look at me like that, Da Freakin’ Pope himself said so!

Or, at least that’s the impression the casual reader will get from reading the brouhaha breathlessly reported by the AP and others in the “mainstream” media concerning Pope Francis’ recent remarks in an interview with an Italian Jesuit magazine.

he AP dutifully recorded the various  gushings of an assortment of liberal “Catholic” advocates, as well as Hollywood celebs (including Jane Fonda “who said the Pope “loves the poor and hates dogma” and Chris Rock, who tweeted that the Pope “may be the greatest man alive” regarding Francis’s spectacular wisdom in allegedly leading the Church to embrace the Hollywood set’s social values).   (As we all know, the opinions of comedians, Hollywood actors, rappers, and such are of infinitely greater importance than those of us mere mortals in mundane lines of work – especially on matters of Faith and Morals.)

The AP story was linked to on a conservative website with the shocking headline, “Pope Francis says Church Obsessed with Homosexuality and Abortion.”

Of course (if you actually bother to read the fine print), Pope Francis in reality said nothing of the sort.  His words were essentially about the importance of Christ-like charity and mercy towards the sinner, summed up in the Church’s age old admonition to “hate the sin and love the sinner” (a concept of which the modern world is utterly clueless,) and that the Church is not in the business of judging the state of individual souls.  After all, without charity as St. Paul declared, without love, we are but a “noisy gong and a clanging cymbal.”

The Pope did not declare any change in the Church’s 2000-year-old moral teachings regarding the grave immorality of the sins of abortion, homosexual activity, or contraception, nor did he declare such doctrines irrelevant – much less that he “hates dogma.”  In fact, Pope Francis stated that he was simply teaching what the Catechism teaches (which clearly states that homosexuality is “objectively disordered” and sodomy gravely sinful, but also that homsosexual persons should be treated with respect and compassion).

Mainstream media reports on the Pope’s remarks were careful to emphasize the alleged “sharp break” between him and his predecessor, that awful meanie homophobe Benedict XVI.  Thus, the story was woven into its standard narrative myth of Loving Progressive Catholics vs. those horrible phariseeical Conservative Catholics, who impose rigid dogma by day and bugger altar boys by night.  (Never mind the inconvenient fact that most of the vile and disgraceful sexual abuse and cover-up were conducted by liberal and heterodox clergy, including ultra-libs Cardinal Mahoney and Archbishop Weakland).

While this is yet another example of media distortion, and will likely have little effect on the faith of solidly orthodox Catholics, it has the potential for widespread destructive effects.

I’m afraid it may have a “Spirit of Vatican II”-type effect.  I’m referring here not to the actual black-and-white words of the documents produced by that Council, but that foggy, ethereal undead wraith which perpetually haunts the halls of liberal “Catholicism,” and has been invoked to justify every manner of heresy and liturgical abuse, and has declared everything existing in the Church prior to the mid-sixties to be null and void.  (That unholy ghost is actually close kin to that other liberal American horror, the constantly-mutating monstrosity known as “the Living Constitution.”  “Coming soon to your local drive-in, Twin Terrors Double Feature:  The Spirit of Vatican II and Night of the Living Constitution!”)

Liberal pro-abortion and pro-homosexual “Catholic” dissidents will (as they already have begun) claim that they have the full blessing and approval of the Pope and Rome, and declare the Church’s moral teachings to be discarded by the Church, while pro-life Catholics and those who publicly uphold the Church’s moral teachings will be denounced and derided by liberal clergy as troglodyte throw-backs opposed to the Church’s new progressive teachings.

Nothing really new here, but this will likely spread further confusion among the ill-informed pew-sitters (or as Rush Limbaugh would say, “low-information Catholics”) who are too ignorant to know better, and too lazy to learn the truth for themselves.  (“What, I thought the Church got rid of all those old teachings about gays and abortion!”)

While the Pope’s interview and subsequent media distortion may win him the approval of the Jane Fondas of the world (though only a spectacular idiot of Hanoi Jane’s caliber could read him as “hating dogma.”), it will do nothing to win over conservative Protestants and Orthodox concerned with actually following Biblical Christian morality, and will only further drive away “Rad-trads” convinced the Vatican has fallen into the clutches of the Beast.

While I believe the Pope’s message has been grossly distorted by the media, his words are ambiguous enough to lead to some unnecessary confusion and misinformation.  For this reason, the Pope needs to choose his very words carefully in interviews and such with the media – being mindful that most “journalists” today are not unbiased seekers and reporters of truth, but a ravenous pack of wolves and brood of vipers who will distort every word to promote an ideological agenda 100% at odds with the teachings of the Church.

While it’s right to promote love and charity, moral teaching must be made clear more than ever in this time of lies and confusion.   Truth is worth nothing without charity, but true charity does not neglect the truth.

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