“Tolerance” Strikes!

Ironically, not long after I posted my previous rant, “Holy Hysteria, Batman!” about how for the left everything is political, and the desperate attempts by folks in the liberal media to pin blame for acts of senseless violence on conservatives and Tea Party members, a shooting occurred in which the gunman himself actually did give political reasons for his attempted killing, telling his victim, “I don’t like your politics.”

Only, of course, the shooter wasn’t a crazed right-winger, or Tea Party activist, but instead a fellow active in the “gay rights” movement, who shot a security guard (but failed to kill him; the guard disarmed him) at the headquarters of the Christian lobbying group, the Family Research Council.  Apparently, one of the self-described advocates of “tolerance” could not tolerate other people having a different point of view on the issue of homosexual “marriage,” and sought to execute them for their horrific crime of having politics he didn’t like.

While this shooting/attempted murder got some cursory coverage from the mainstream media, you can be the bank that if some conservative activist had attempted to shoot up the headquarters of a gay rights group, or other liberal advocacy group, the media would never shut up about the shooting, and how the “climate of hate” fostered by conservatives and those who oppose homosexual “marriage” was to blame.

The liberal Southern Poverty Law Center had in fact labeled the FRC a “hate group” in 2010 for their stand opposing “gay marriage,” and some conservatives had made an issue of this regarding the shooting.  (Some years ago I once happened upon the SPLC’s magazines lying around, and it appears that this organization, which once fought against racist groups, has morphed into primarily a “gay rights” group.  I’m really not entirely sure what exactly homosexuality has to do with Southern poverty.)   Of course, you won’t see any liberals in the press blaming equating Christians opposed to state-recognized “gay marriage” with neo-Nazis; for those on the left, this will only yet again illustrate the urgent need for further restrictions on our second amendment rights.

While the SPLC’s statements regarding the FRC are utterly asinine, it’s their constitutional right to utter them, and the blame remains on the man who made the choice to pull the trigger.  (Charles C. Cooke here makes an argument essentially identical to what I said in my “Holy Hysteria” rant regarding responsibility for killings here:  “Words Don’t Pull Triggers.”)

Of course, the “mainstream” media continually tries to paint conservatives, and particularly Christian conservatives, as uniquely hateful and violent folks, but this caricature has nothing to do with reality.  (There’s few places I’d feel safer than among a gathering of conservative Christians.)  Over the past century, in fact, the majority of political violence in this country has been from the left, rather than from the right.

While I certainly don’t think most people in favor of “gay rights” are violent or advocates of violence, I think it telling that it is social liberals who regard it as a “hate crime” merely to have views different from their own, and a social liberal who was willing to kill simply because he “didn’t like” a group’s political views.

Among the largely socially-conservative crowds filling restaurants at the “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day” events, there was nary a hateful face to be seen, while it was “liberal” mayors trying to bluster and bully the restaurant into submission, simply on account of the owner’s religious views that marriage is only between a man and woman.   For the self-appointed promoters of “Tolerance,” divergent viewpoints and ideas simply cannot be tolerated.

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