Radical Dudes

Browsing the news today, I saw a (rather predictable) story about how President Obama denounced the $3.5 trillion Republican budget plan as “an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country.”


The plan is “radical,” you see, because it would cut proposed federal government spending and tax rates. I mean, that’s some wild crazy bomb-throwing shit right there! How’d those wild-eyed lunatics ever get elected to office?

It seems the word “radical” (as well as its popular twin, “extremist”) means less and less every day, regularly used by those on the Left, including Dear Leader, to refer to anything and everything opposed to their agenda in any way.

The reality is that the Republican proposal is woefully inadequate with regards to slashing the out-of-control government growth and spending which is driving our country ever deeper into bankruptcy. You see, under Obama’s regime, any deviation from the will of Dear Leader is unacceptable “radicalism” –treason, almost.

Personally, I find the Left’s quickness to lambast anyone and everyone who disagrees with them on the right as “radical” or “extreme” amusing. Really, I thought liberals and left-wingers were supposed to be the wild ‘n’ crazy radical dudes and dudettes inspired by bold visions of Hope, Change and the Fundamental Transformation of our society, while conservatives were a bunch of hopelessly boring and hidebound Old White Guys, plagued by rheumatism and chronic fear of change.

But I guess that’s until the leftists get into power, and anyone who dare give even weak and timid resistance to socialism must be denounced as a crazed radical.

So are we Evil Conservative types a bunch of boring and irrelevant old stick-in-the-muds afraid of any change, or are we wild-eyed, armed-and-dangerous radicals who are an immediate threat to all we hold dear in America? It would be nice if the folks on the left could at least make up their minds.

Quite frankly, I’d like to see more of return to the kind of “Give me Liberty or give me Death!” radicalism which led our forefathers to take up arms against the British Crown, over taxation and government oppression on a scale much smaller than that exercised by our current rulers on the Potomac.

As for wanting to lower taxes being “radical,” it should be remembered that for the bulk of our nation’s history, prior to the ratifying of the 16th Amendment in 1913, there was no federal income tax, on anybody, period. (How quaint that back in 1913, Americans still bothered with the lengthy and tedious process of constitutional amendment before granting the federal government sweeping new powers over the citizenry!) Yet socialism has become so pervasive in our country over the course of the past century, that today, people seem to commonly think that the wealth earned by private citizens somehow belongs to the federal government by divine right, and that any attempt to reduce what the government takes is, well, radical.

His Majesty George III’s ambitions were indeed timid and paltry compared with those of our country’s current “leadership.”

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2 thoughts on “Radical Dudes

  1. Jailbreak says:

    I love your intriguing post. super work. I hope you write many. I will carry on watching

  2. Stinsky says:

    The Republican Party (which occupies the right wing of the HQ of the American Fascist Party) is anything but radical.

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