Abortion Über Alles: Obama’s Real Agenda

The HHS recently withheld $30 million in Medicaid funding from Texas’ Women’s Health Program (WHP), a Medicaid program which provides family planning services to low income women. The reason for this was Texas’s rule passed last year preventing any WHP funds from going to clinics which provide or refer for abortions, notably Planned Parenthood. Patrick Brennan has a good article about this here: “HHS Messes with Texas,” in which he makes the following observation;

This HHS policy begins to confirm what conservatives have suspected all along: While the Obama administration has made it clearer than it would like to claim the mantle of “protecting women’s health,” its real aim is unfettered access to abortion and ubiquitous, free contraception.

The primary agenda of the Obama administration, as well as that of the national Democratic Party in general, could not be clearer. Contrary to their propaganda, they care absolutely nothing about providing for “Women’s Health,” only with funding contraception and the killing of babies. While liberals love to preach sanctimoniously (and hypocritically) against rich corporations and lobbies controlling government, their own party is squarely in the pockets of Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest and wealthiest provider of dead babies, and the multi-billion dollar abortion industry. Obama is nothing more than the puppet of Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby, which insists that nothing – not the Constitution, nor state’s rights, nor principles of religious liberty – must be allowed to stand in the way of tax-subsidized abortion and contraception for all. For liberals today, that has become the all-important, all-overriding purpose of American government.

Of course, Texas and other states would not be in this conundrum if we abolished such socialist federal welfare programs, and the individual states had not become so many squealing piglets tussling for a better position at the teats of the grotesquely obese and bloated sow that is our federal government. Dependence breeds slavery. Secession now more than ever, I say!

But returning to the topic at hand, the utter falseness of the idea that support for the Obama administration and the Catholic Faith (or even basic principles of religious freedom) are in any way compatible should be glaringly obvious. How self-proclaimed “Faithful Catholics” can continue to tolerate, much less support, Obama is truly mind-blowing. Sorry– silly me! – -I forgot for a second there that Jesus’ primary message was to spread socialism, and that we must be willing to sacrifice anything—including religious liberty and right to life—in order to help bring about the Socialist Kingdom promised by Karl Ma – I mean, Jesus. After all, to the “progressive”-minded “Catholic” and the pious worshippers at the shrine of Saint Kennedy (Jack or Ted, take your pick), Jesus, Marx, and Che Guevera are all essentially different avatars of the same Deity. (But I digress. Look for more on this topic in future Rants.)

As Mark Steyn  has pointed out, we’re now the brokest nation ever, yet the Obama administration insists that the government must pay for everybody’s abortions and condoms with tax-payer money, while as our national debt tops 16 trillion. The madness continues.

Meanwhile, we must wait while the Supreme Court debates whether the Constitution should actually apply to Obamacare, as James Madison rolls in his grave.

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One thought on “Abortion Über Alles: Obama’s Real Agenda

  1. chochilaicus says:

    Right on, son!

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