The Nuge for President!

Looks like this is almost a year old, but I recently came across this via “Chicks on the Right.”  More proof of the shear awesomeness of Uncle Ted.

To hell with Mitt “Obama-Lite” Romney.  This man should be President of the USA.  “Suck on my machine gun!”

I admit to not being familiar with Piers Morgan and his  CNN show, but that moronic, pompous Brit reminds all us red-blooded freedom-loving Americans of every reason why we kicked the Redcoats’ asses back in the 1770s.

And while there is no shortage of left-wing idiot rock stars eager to share their political “wisdom” with the masses, Ted proves that even a conservative rock star is far smarter and better-informed than all the leftist professional “intellectuals” put together.

And as a follow-up to my commentary on Sandra Fluke and the HHS idiocy, I thought I’d share what is the most insightful and to-the-point (as well as damned funny) commentary on this excrement from the always brilliant, always hilarious Mark Steyn:  “The Fluke Charade: Why should we have to fund a middle-aged school girl’s sex life?”

All of us are born with the unalienable right to life, liberty, and a lifetime supply of premium ribbed silky-smooth ultrasensitive spermicidal lubricant condoms. No taxation without rubberization, as the Minutemen said. The shot heard round the world, and all that.

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