The Tyranny of Militant Hedonism

Forget for a moment the blatant immorality of the HHS contraception mandate.  Forget for a moment the issues of constitutionally-guaranteed religious liberty.  Forget the fact that pregnancy is not a disease, and contraception is not health care.

What in the hell gives the federal government the right to dictate what private entities must buy for others?  By any standards, food and drink are more essential to basic health than contraceptives.  Should the government mandate that colleges provide beer and pizza for students free of additional charge?   What other freebies will suddenly become “rights” owed by private institutions to students or employees?  When the government becomes freed of any constitutional restraints, the sky is indeed the limit, and we’re left with tyranny, pure and simple.

The U.S. Bishops have been courageous in fighting this tyranny, but they, who have long been champions of an ever-expanding socialized-everything Welfare State, are now battling a monster which they have helped create.

It seems the only real discernible principle  the modern-day Left has is that everybody has an absolute entitlement to (in the parlance of our times, man) bang absolutely whomever however and whenever they want, free of all consequence; and it is the duty of the government, and consequently tax-payers, to subsidize and support everyone’s sexual debauchery of choice.  Those that choose to fornicate are owed free contraception, and if a baby is conceived, the government must subsidize those who provide abortions.  And the government must ensure that if people choose to engage in same-sex sodomy, which cannot result in the procreation of any life other than the bacterial variety, their “union” must receive the same benefits given to married men and women faced with the burden of raising a family.

All rights, including religious liberty, economic freedom, and constitutional limits on government power, are subordinated and sacrificed to the all-overriding principle of Consequence-free Sex for All, under what is best described as Militant Hedonism.   The current regime is as coldly ruthless and relentless in enforcing the utopian hedonist goals of the Sexual Revolution as the Russian Soviets were in enforcing those of the Bolshevik Revolution.   Our Holy Father was not engaging in idle hyperbole when he warned of a “dictatorship of relativism.”

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