Not Just a Fluke

The Left has been predictably “outraged” by talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, in which he referred to the dutiful Obama foot soldier and crusader for the cause of government-mandated “free” contraception as a “slut” and a “prostitute,” with many sponsors compliantly pulling their sponsorship of Rush’s show.

It would actually be kind of nice if all this fury was actually motivated by old-fashioned chivalry and a defense of decency and civility in speech regarding the Fair Sex.  But, of course, it is nothing of the sort. Much has already been said of the craven double-standard and hypocrisy of the Left’s calls for Rush to be silenced, while leftist “comedians” and other pundits have long regularly indulged in every kind of obscene, vulgar, and tasteless insults towards any women who dare publicly challenge leftist orthodoxy.  And of course there are no demands for silencing or pulling sponsorship of those folks’ shows from the self-appointed guardians of Civility– but instead such people are prominently wined and dined at Democratic fund-raising functions. (Bill Maher’s infamously calling Sarah Palin a “c**t” and a “t**t” is only one example. Obscene and hateful language towards conservative women has long been de rigueur among those on the left.  Here’s some good commentary on the topic from Michele Malkin. Rush’s language was in fact quite mild compared to that of the typical lefty Palin-basher.)  But, of course, such talk is not only justified in such cases, but is “courageous” “free speech” which must be celebrated, rather than condemned. (For liberals, it’s always “courageous” to verbally disparage fashionable targets such as Christians and conservatives, but hateful and bigoted to use much milder insults if they are directed against one’s Comrades in the Leftist Cause.)

We all know that Rush’s crime in reality had nothing to do with incivility towards women, and everything to do with publicly opposing Dear Leader’s agenda. Look for more of such nonsense in the future.

Not to mention that Rush was absolutely right in this case, even if his language was imprudent. Back in the benighted pre-Vatican II Dark Ages, any woman who flaunted her extra-marital sexual behavior–much less insist that you pay for her good time–would be regarded as a floozy or worse.  But, of course, we’ve “evolved” so much since then.  Today we all know that the height of Liberated Womanhood is to behave like a cheap whore.

But now, Miss Fluke is being widely hailed as “heroic” by the leftist media for her demands that others subsidize her bedroom fun on government mandate.  Just like many on the left (as well as some on the loopy libertarian right) hailed all that wild partying in the park by the kids in the Wall-stock festival (oops, I meant “protests”) as acts of heroism. Once upon a time, in a less-enlightened age, “heroism” was reserved for those who willingly underwent great personal sacrifices for the good of others.   Today, anybody who demands entitlements for one’s self at the expense of others is somehow a “hero.” We celebrate those who demand hand-outs for birth-control pills or college tutition as “heroic,” while those young men and women in the Armed Forces who daily literally risk life and limb to keep the rest of us safe, are generally either ignored, or treated merely as victims in need of our pity.

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