Fire ’em all!

Every single one of the senators who two days ago voted against the proposed Blunt Amendment, which would have blocked the blatantly unconstitutional HHS mandate forcing religious employers to pay insurance for contraceptives, needs to be tossed out on their fat, bloated, tax-payer-funded asses.   Actually, if there were still justice and a minimal respect for constitutional law in this land, they, along with Obama and his cabinet, would have all been tried and convicted of treason and hanged long ago.  They, upon taking office, swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, but instead do everything they can to oppose it.

All but three Democratic senators (Bob Casey of PA, Joe Manchin of WV, and Ben Nelson of NE) voted against the amendment, while only one Republican (set-to-retire Olympia Snowe of Maine) did so.  The Democratic Party truly is the Party of Death.  While both major parties are guilty in this regards, the Democrats now do not show even minimal token respect for the Constitution they swore to defend.  Religious liberty, or any kind of real liberty, means absolutely nothing to them.  They stand for nothing now but consequence-free sexual hedonism and perversion – which you must pay for, or else – and an ever-expanding welfare state.  And, please, I don’t want to hear one more word of crap from bleeding heart “Catholics” about how supporting socialistic health care and environmental schemes are “life issues” equal to abortion which justify supporting the Donkeys.  (It’s nice to see that the USCCB finally seems to be wising up to this – I hope.  They have certainly done their share to spread confusion among the Faithful in this regards.)

Of course, what should truly disturb us is the fact that the senate actually voted over a constitutional amendment just to affirm what the Constitution plainly already states regarding religious liberties, and the limitations of federal power via the 10th Amendment.  There is nothing in the Constitution granting the President or bodies such as the HHS the power to simply dictate whatever they want to American citizens.  Making law is the job of the Legislative Branch, not the Executive.  Otherwise, we don’t have a republic, but a dictatorship.

Polls show that about 75% of Americans regard Obamacare itself as unconstitutional.  If that is true, then why do polls consistently show that approximately 50% of Americans (give or take) want another term for Obama?  Does this mean about a quarter of the American citizenry openly just don’t give a damn about upholding our Constitution?  Sadly, this may well be the case.  For many it seems, constitutional liberties and checks and balances of power are seen as archaic impediments to unlimited entitlements and the socialistic utopia promised by the Leftists.  Or, like Danica, they want to  simply “leave it up to the government to make good decisions” for the rest of us poor boobs.  After all, it’s not for us peasantry to question the wisdom of our Masters who dwell within the I-495 Beltway.


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