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Abortion Über Alles: Obama’s Real Agenda

The HHS recently withheld $30 million in Medicaid funding from Texas’ Women’s Health Program (WHP), a Medicaid program which provides family planning services to low income women. The reason for this was Texas’s rule passed last year preventing any WHP funds from going to clinics which provide or refer for abortions, notably Planned Parenthood. Patrick Brennan has a good article about this here: “HHS Messes with Texas,” in which he makes the following observation;

This HHS policy begins to confirm what conservatives have suspected all along: While the Obama administration has made it clearer than it would like to claim the mantle of “protecting women’s health,” its real aim is unfettered access to abortion and ubiquitous, free contraception.

The primary agenda of the Obama administration, as well as that of the national Democratic Party in general, could not be clearer. Contrary to their propaganda, they care absolutely nothing about providing for “Women’s Health,” only with funding contraception and the killing of babies. While liberals love to preach sanctimoniously (and hypocritically) against rich corporations and lobbies controlling government, their own party is squarely in the pockets of Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest and wealthiest provider of dead babies, and the multi-billion dollar abortion industry. Obama is nothing more than the puppet of Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby, which insists that nothing – not the Constitution, nor state’s rights, nor principles of religious liberty – must be allowed to stand in the way of tax-subsidized abortion and contraception for all. For liberals today, that has become the all-important, all-overriding purpose of American government.

Of course, Texas and other states would not be in this conundrum if we abolished such socialist federal welfare programs, and the individual states had not become so many squealing piglets tussling for a better position at the teats of the grotesquely obese and bloated sow that is our federal government. Dependence breeds slavery. Secession now more than ever, I say!

But returning to the topic at hand, the utter falseness of the idea that support for the Obama administration and the Catholic Faith (or even basic principles of religious freedom) are in any way compatible should be glaringly obvious. How self-proclaimed “Faithful Catholics” can continue to tolerate, much less support, Obama is truly mind-blowing. Sorry– silly me! – -I forgot for a second there that Jesus’ primary message was to spread socialism, and that we must be willing to sacrifice anything—including religious liberty and right to life—in order to help bring about the Socialist Kingdom promised by Karl Ma – I mean, Jesus. After all, to the “progressive”-minded “Catholic” and the pious worshippers at the shrine of Saint Kennedy (Jack or Ted, take your pick), Jesus, Marx, and Che Guevera are all essentially different avatars of the same Deity. (But I digress. Look for more on this topic in future Rants.)

As Mark Steyn  has pointed out, we’re now the brokest nation ever, yet the Obama administration insists that the government must pay for everybody’s abortions and condoms with tax-payer money, while as our national debt tops 16 trillion. The madness continues.

Meanwhile, we must wait while the Supreme Court debates whether the Constitution should actually apply to Obamacare, as James Madison rolls in his grave.

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The Nuge for President!

Looks like this is almost a year old, but I recently came across this via “Chicks on the Right.”  More proof of the shear awesomeness of Uncle Ted.

To hell with Mitt “Obama-Lite” Romney.  This man should be President of the USA.  “Suck on my machine gun!”

I admit to not being familiar with Piers Morgan and his  CNN show, but that moronic, pompous Brit reminds all us red-blooded freedom-loving Americans of every reason why we kicked the Redcoats’ asses back in the 1770s.

And while there is no shortage of left-wing idiot rock stars eager to share their political “wisdom” with the masses, Ted proves that even a conservative rock star is far smarter and better-informed than all the leftist professional “intellectuals” put together.

And as a follow-up to my commentary on Sandra Fluke and the HHS idiocy, I thought I’d share what is the most insightful and to-the-point (as well as damned funny) commentary on this excrement from the always brilliant, always hilarious Mark Steyn:  “The Fluke Charade: Why should we have to fund a middle-aged school girl’s sex life?”

All of us are born with the unalienable right to life, liberty, and a lifetime supply of premium ribbed silky-smooth ultrasensitive spermicidal lubricant condoms. No taxation without rubberization, as the Minutemen said. The shot heard round the world, and all that.

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The Tyranny of Militant Hedonism

Forget for a moment the blatant immorality of the HHS contraception mandate.  Forget for a moment the issues of constitutionally-guaranteed religious liberty.  Forget the fact that pregnancy is not a disease, and contraception is not health care.

What in the hell gives the federal government the right to dictate what private entities must buy for others?  By any standards, food and drink are more essential to basic health than contraceptives.  Should the government mandate that colleges provide beer and pizza for students free of additional charge?   What other freebies will suddenly become “rights” owed by private institutions to students or employees?  When the government becomes freed of any constitutional restraints, the sky is indeed the limit, and we’re left with tyranny, pure and simple.

The U.S. Bishops have been courageous in fighting this tyranny, but they, who have long been champions of an ever-expanding socialized-everything Welfare State, are now battling a monster which they have helped create.

It seems the only real discernible principle  the modern-day Left has is that everybody has an absolute entitlement to (in the parlance of our times, man) bang absolutely whomever however and whenever they want, free of all consequence; and it is the duty of the government, and consequently tax-payers, to subsidize and support everyone’s sexual debauchery of choice.  Those that choose to fornicate are owed free contraception, and if a baby is conceived, the government must subsidize those who provide abortions.  And the government must ensure that if people choose to engage in same-sex sodomy, which cannot result in the procreation of any life other than the bacterial variety, their “union” must receive the same benefits given to married men and women faced with the burden of raising a family.

All rights, including religious liberty, economic freedom, and constitutional limits on government power, are subordinated and sacrificed to the all-overriding principle of Consequence-free Sex for All, under what is best described as Militant Hedonism.   The current regime is as coldly ruthless and relentless in enforcing the utopian hedonist goals of the Sexual Revolution as the Russian Soviets were in enforcing those of the Bolshevik Revolution.   Our Holy Father was not engaging in idle hyperbole when he warned of a “dictatorship of relativism.”

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Not Just a Fluke

The Left has been predictably “outraged” by talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, in which he referred to the dutiful Obama foot soldier and crusader for the cause of government-mandated “free” contraception as a “slut” and a “prostitute,” with many sponsors compliantly pulling their sponsorship of Rush’s show.

It would actually be kind of nice if all this fury was actually motivated by old-fashioned chivalry and a defense of decency and civility in speech regarding the Fair Sex.  But, of course, it is nothing of the sort. Much has already been said of the craven double-standard and hypocrisy of the Left’s calls for Rush to be silenced, while leftist “comedians” and other pundits have long regularly indulged in every kind of obscene, vulgar, and tasteless insults towards any women who dare publicly challenge leftist orthodoxy.  And of course there are no demands for silencing or pulling sponsorship of those folks’ shows from the self-appointed guardians of Civility– but instead such people are prominently wined and dined at Democratic fund-raising functions. (Bill Maher’s infamously calling Sarah Palin a “c**t” and a “t**t” is only one example. Obscene and hateful language towards conservative women has long been de rigueur among those on the left.  Here’s some good commentary on the topic from Michele Malkin. Rush’s language was in fact quite mild compared to that of the typical lefty Palin-basher.)  But, of course, such talk is not only justified in such cases, but is “courageous” “free speech” which must be celebrated, rather than condemned. (For liberals, it’s always “courageous” to verbally disparage fashionable targets such as Christians and conservatives, but hateful and bigoted to use much milder insults if they are directed against one’s Comrades in the Leftist Cause.)

We all know that Rush’s crime in reality had nothing to do with incivility towards women, and everything to do with publicly opposing Dear Leader’s agenda. Look for more of such nonsense in the future.

Not to mention that Rush was absolutely right in this case, even if his language was imprudent. Back in the benighted pre-Vatican II Dark Ages, any woman who flaunted her extra-marital sexual behavior–much less insist that you pay for her good time–would be regarded as a floozy or worse.  But, of course, we’ve “evolved” so much since then.  Today we all know that the height of Liberated Womanhood is to behave like a cheap whore.

But now, Miss Fluke is being widely hailed as “heroic” by the leftist media for her demands that others subsidize her bedroom fun on government mandate.  Just like many on the left (as well as some on the loopy libertarian right) hailed all that wild partying in the park by the kids in the Wall-stock festival (oops, I meant “protests”) as acts of heroism. Once upon a time, in a less-enlightened age, “heroism” was reserved for those who willingly underwent great personal sacrifices for the good of others.   Today, anybody who demands entitlements for one’s self at the expense of others is somehow a “hero.” We celebrate those who demand hand-outs for birth-control pills or college tutition as “heroic,” while those young men and women in the Armed Forces who daily literally risk life and limb to keep the rest of us safe, are generally either ignored, or treated merely as victims in need of our pity.

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“Thought Provoking”

At the local Barnes & Noble bookstore, there’s a table with the label “Thought Provoking,” filled with pop-atheist tomes by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, et al, along with an assortment of various volumes of new-agey and left-wing drivel.

I felt the odd urge to set up a table across from it filled with the works of folks such as St. Thomas Aquinas, G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Russell Kirk, and the like, and label it something along the lines of “Dumber ‘n Dirt.”

Unfortunately, the irony would likely be lost on most Barnes & Noble patrons.

Also at the bookstore – not only must we suffer from the ubiquitous and apparently unending marketing of “Twilight” excrement, but now it’s spawned an entire genre.  There’s a whole row of shelves dedicated to “Teen Paranormal Romance,” filled with thousands of clones concerning sex with vampires and other such monsters, which evidently teenage girls these days just can’t get enough of.   Does every teen chick in America suffer from obsessive fantasies about doing the nasty with the undead?   Just what the hell is this world coming to?

Fire ’em all!

Every single one of the senators who two days ago voted against the proposed Blunt Amendment, which would have blocked the blatantly unconstitutional HHS mandate forcing religious employers to pay insurance for contraceptives, needs to be tossed out on their fat, bloated, tax-payer-funded asses.   Actually, if there were still justice and a minimal respect for constitutional law in this land, they, along with Obama and his cabinet, would have all been tried and convicted of treason and hanged long ago.  They, upon taking office, swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, but instead do everything they can to oppose it.

All but three Democratic senators (Bob Casey of PA, Joe Manchin of WV, and Ben Nelson of NE) voted against the amendment, while only one Republican (set-to-retire Olympia Snowe of Maine) did so.  The Democratic Party truly is the Party of Death.  While both major parties are guilty in this regards, the Democrats now do not show even minimal token respect for the Constitution they swore to defend.  Religious liberty, or any kind of real liberty, means absolutely nothing to them.  They stand for nothing now but consequence-free sexual hedonism and perversion – which you must pay for, or else – and an ever-expanding welfare state.  And, please, I don’t want to hear one more word of crap from bleeding heart “Catholics” about how supporting socialistic health care and environmental schemes are “life issues” equal to abortion which justify supporting the Donkeys.  (It’s nice to see that the USCCB finally seems to be wising up to this – I hope.  They have certainly done their share to spread confusion among the Faithful in this regards.)

Of course, what should truly disturb us is the fact that the senate actually voted over a constitutional amendment just to affirm what the Constitution plainly already states regarding religious liberties, and the limitations of federal power via the 10th Amendment.  There is nothing in the Constitution granting the President or bodies such as the HHS the power to simply dictate whatever they want to American citizens.  Making law is the job of the Legislative Branch, not the Executive.  Otherwise, we don’t have a republic, but a dictatorship.

Polls show that about 75% of Americans regard Obamacare itself as unconstitutional.  If that is true, then why do polls consistently show that approximately 50% of Americans (give or take) want another term for Obama?  Does this mean about a quarter of the American citizenry openly just don’t give a damn about upholding our Constitution?  Sadly, this may well be the case.  For many it seems, constitutional liberties and checks and balances of power are seen as archaic impediments to unlimited entitlements and the socialistic utopia promised by the Leftists.  Or, like Danica, they want to  simply “leave it up to the government to make good decisions” for the rest of us poor boobs.  After all, it’s not for us peasantry to question the wisdom of our Masters who dwell within the I-495 Beltway.